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Our ethos defines the way we act. And we act upon on our ethos. This is who we are.

At CERTION, we are always looking for attractive opportunities that we can transform into valuable projects. Our experience and expertise are game changers. This is the ethos of our skilled leadership team.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus. We aim to provide exceptional homes and services with each and every project we deliver. CERTION was created in 2015 by some of the real estate industry’s leading professionals, all with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate development market. Over the past 20 years CERTION’s founding team has put together an impressive portfolio of projects: designed, developed and delivered. The total net worth of these projects, all delivered by the CERTION founding team, is now over €900 million.

Based on the team’s extensive experience and expertise, one of CERTION’s goals is to maintain its top position in the Romanian quality development market. With a focus on challenging and visionary projects that are beyond the scope of most developers, CERTION has a collaborative approach designed to create a shared vision with communities and to deliver both social and commercial value.
That is the competence and experience CERTION commits to build on in the future.

Governance principles

We are governed by four fundamental principles:

Absolute integrity: personal and professional

The absolute integrity of all those involved in the CERTION ecosystem (shareholders, management, operational teams, partners, suppliers) is the primary condition for integration.

Creative thinking as a professional lifestyle

Ingenuity, innovation and efficiency through effectiveness are just some of the attributes required by the CERTION team and its partners.

Principii de guvernanță

Superior financial performance and limited volatility

The increased analytical capacity of the CERTION team and its partners ensures the prudence and balance required for superior financial performance.

Community comes first in any company project

The focus of the entire CERTION philosophy is on the community in which CERTION integrates and identifies with each project.

What matters to us

Our core values encompass five key, interlinking pillars:



Collective ideas and skills are mandatory in delivering the very best projects. Great teamwork adds value to all that we do.

Business Operations

We believe in taking a long-term approach, informing our decisions with experience and efficiency.  We value strong, transparent collaboration with all of our partners.


We create and transform spaces into environments that provide a high-quality lifestyle to their residents, creating communities that enrich people's lives.


With minimal impact on the environment, we deliver homes, not houses. High-quality homes created according to peoples aspirations and expectations of a life fulfilled. A new lifestyle. 


The satisfaction of our customers matters to us more than anything. Delivering them their dream home drives our business and spurs us on to become better, each and every day.


CERTION has a collaborative approach designed to create a shared vision with the communities.



Residential development, just like any other business, is sensitive to macroeconomic factors. Economic changes in Romania, in Europe or in any other international market may lead to a reduction in residential property demand or a significant increase of the construction costs, which could have an impact on any company's ability to deliver the desired results.

CERTION's Risk Mitigation

We are aware that we operate in a market that is easily influenced by external economic factors. Our land investments are carefully chosen according to market demand and the viability of the project over the next 10 years. We are constantly monitoring how expenses can be balanced with secured forward sales, in order to achieve low levels of risk and optimize cash flows. The chosen locations and the quality of CERTION products ensure us high profit margins, and they act as a buffer for absorbing any shocks that may occur during our projects. In addition, the size of the projects developed by CERTION is constantly adapting to the fluctuations of the Romanian market.



A sustainable business is based on a carefully designed financial mix, a financing structure that represents the foundation which allows the sustainable development of the business. 

CERTION's Risk Mitigation

CERTION risk management model is based on forecasts, as well as on a matrices system of possible scenarios and probabilities. Inflation forecasts, interest rates, major central bank decisions, changes in commodity prices and labor costs are all elements taken into account when we estimate business volatility and choose the appropriate strategy for risk limitation. Sources of financing include final customers of the projects, preferred private investors, the banking system and the capital market.



Political changes have a minimal impact on the development of the real estate market. However, risks still exists and some investors may be reluctant to make buying decisions due to the increased uncertainty in the Romanian political landscape.

CERTION's Risk Mitigation

While we are well aware of these risks, we cannot in any way influence political changes that may occur in Romania. However, 20 years of experience on the market have taught us to take into consideration any possible political changes and develop our business strategy accordingly.



Changes in legislation could have a significant impact on the development of real estate projects. National and local regulations on both taxation and housing may influence and expose any company to financial penalties as well as to a damaged reputation.

CERTION's Risk Mitigation

CERTIONs operations have a limited exposure to this type of risk. Even so, newly introduced regulations are constantly and carefully monitored. Our specialists have the capacity to properly interpret and adapt our policies to ensure compliance. We have the legal support we need, both internally and externally. We make sure that any changes are transmitted to all our suppliers, partners, and investors.


Land availability

Due to a competitive market and the limited availability of land stock, there is always the risk of not being able to secure valuable plots.

CERTION's Risk Mitigation

CERTION has extensive experience and market expertise in land acquisitions. Our strategy includes joint ventures and partnerships that help us ensure access to the best possible locations.



Unexpected events such as changes, delays, and planning permission refusals may result in the company's incapability to develop its land stock. This could have a direct impact on the delivery timeline of a project and its financial profitability.

CERTION's Risk Mitigation

CERTIONs experience on the local market places us in pole position when it comes to planning and delivering the right project for an acquired plot. An extensive planning and risk assessment process is performed prior to and after land acquisition. Our team is not only actively involved in the planning process but is also in constant communication with the relevant local authorities and communities.


Secure sales

The possibility of the company not being able to meet the markets demand in terms of concept, pricing or supply could result in a high stock of unsold properties with a significant impact on profitability.

CERTION's Risk Mitigation

A comprehensive market demand assessment is made before the acquisition of each plot. Design, quality, and product type are constantly evaluated to ensure that supply matches demand. CERTIONs ability to secure forward sales reduces the risk for each project. Remaining stock is constantly evaluated to obtain the best market value.

Certion's Leadership


CERTION can boast a very strong, professional team that provides comprehensive services and unique market know-how in order to ensure beneficial project outcomes for both clients and partners.

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